What To Look For When Buying A Springer Front End

Even though many think that using a springer adds that popular "old school" or retro look to their chopper, today's bikes are very different. Frames and motors are bigger and the finished bike weighs more.

Guys put $$$$ into their chassis and motors and then scrimp on a springer. Be as safe as you can. I've always been a believer that the front end is the most important part of the bike. You ain't going nowhere without a front end dumb ass.
When looking for a springer for your bike or chopper here are the main things you should look for.
1. Is there undercut on the welds?

2. Are there any holes where water can get into the fork tubes?


3. Are the triple trees and spring plates strong enough?
Thin triple trees look good and are lighter but dude it's your life.


4. If the bottom triple tree is welded to the fork, has anything been done to reduce the stress on this weld?
Don't even go there if it's not welded unless there's something besides the clamps to hold it in place.

5. Does it have inner springs top and bottom?

6. Check the diameter of the spring material.
Remember that the closer each spring section is to the other the less compression length you have.

I could say it's not a springer with shocks but seriously though shocks are only needed to dampen the ride if the spring setup is incorrect.


7. Does the top tree accept any aftermarket handlebars?
8. Is the rear section beefy enough for the size of the motor?
Big motors deserve a little beefier rear section. Some guys say look at the weight but that motor won't even feel it. Lightweight sometimes isn't the answer, reason being they tend to POGO.
9. What warranty comes with the front end?
10. Is it the correct length?
Most people don't do enough homework when they are deciding on the length of a front end for their bike whether it is a glide or a springer. And some front end manufacturers compound this by only offering lengths in multiples of 2 or 3 inches. Also there are two "stock" lengths so when you order a "2 over" make sure you know what "stock" is.
Jeri Exner, a Journeyman Tool & Die Maker by trade, started building springers back in 1968. He formed Jeri's Springer Front Ends in 1999.
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